In this introductory episode, I want to briefly introduce you to this podcast, and tell you what you can look forward to by becoming a regular listener, or a Curiosity Ninja, as we like to call members of our little podcast family.



  • Paul O’Rear (Host)
  • Susan O’Rear (Co-Host, Executive Producer)


  • 00:11 Welcome!
  • 00:45 Intro
  • 01:24 Why a podcast?
  • 03:17 Why “The Curiosity Channel”?
  • 06:08 Why the whole Ninja thing?
  • 08:03 What are some episodes we can expect (topics/people)?
  • 08:19 Upcoming episode: Phillip Hatfield
  • 09:19 Upcoming episode: The F.L.A.G. Program
  • 10:17 Upcoming episode: Nikki Stone
  • 10:46 Upcoming episode: New London, Texas
  • 12:06 Podcast website features
  • 13:12 How often will new episodes be released?
  • 13:39 Wrap-up


  • Behind every fact, there’s a story. Tweet that!
  • This podcast is about building a tribe of people who are curious and who love to learn, and spending time together on this podcast diving into topics that are interesting.
  • Listeners will have opportunities to suggest topics that are interesting to them for future episodes.


One-Man Band Songs recorded by Paul O’Rear as a teenager

Ukulele Songs recorded by Paul O’Rear as a teenager