Today’s guest is Phillip Hatfield. Phillip is a left leg below the knee amputee. He is also a motivational speaker, a business coach, and an author. Phillip wrote a book entitled Carried by Angels, and on the front cover of the book is one of his signature quotes, “My Greatest Tragedy is My Greatest Blessing.” Today we’re going to talk to him about what he means by that, and how WE can turn tragedy into blessing in our own lives as well.



  • Paul O’Rear (Host)
  • Phillip Hatfield (Guest)


  • 00:11 Welcome!
  • 00:45 Intro
  • 01:18 Introducing Phillip Hatfield
  • 02:28 Curiosity Channel ad
  • 03:05 Introducing Phillip Hatfield (continued)
  • 04:28 Memorable Experiences and People
  • 05:23 What was it like to be mentored by Zig Ziglar?
  • 07:47 Jim Rohn
  • 08:18 Transformational leaders
  • 10:39 Transformational leaders vs. narcissistic leaders
  • 13:12 Curiosity Channel ad (Member Benefits)
  • 13:59 Betcha Didn’t Know That! (Woodpeckers)
  • 15:01 The accident
  • 27:34 How did the motorcycle accident change your life?
  • 31:27 What are your biggest difficulties as an amputee?
  • 33:15 How does such a horrible tragedy become your greatest blessing?
  • 35:44 The Casey Webb story
  • 39:02 Can the concept of turning tragedy into blessing apply in all areas of life?
  • 42:23 What advice would you given to someone else who is looking to turn their tragedy into blessing?
  • 45:15 Phillip’s books
  • 51:54 Exciting news: Book giveaway!
  • 52:44 Confession time and wrap-up
  • 54:35 Disclaimer
  • 55:18 BNRTT


  • “My greatest tragedy is my greatest blessing.” -Phillip Hatfield –{That’s Tweetable!}–
  • Transformational leaders build other leaders, who build other leaders, who build other leaders. –{That’s Tweetable!}–
  • Transformational leaders are genuinely humble, and are wise enough to know that they don’t have all the answers. –{That’s Tweetable!}–
  • If you’re making a decision for your business or organization, and if it does not benefit everyone—if it leaves one person out—then it’s not a good decision. –{That’s Tweetable!}–
  • God can take our tragedies and make something wonderful come out of them.
  • You are who you are and where you are by what you put into your mind. You can change who you are, you can change where you are, by changing what you put into your mind.
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