Today’s episode is a short story that is meaningful and inspirational, presented in a fun and unusual way!



  • Paul O’Rear, Chief Operating Ninja
  • Joey, from Amazon Polly
  • Amy, from Amazon Polly
  • Matthew, from Amazon Polly
  • Salli, from Amazon Polly
  • Ivy, from Amazon Polly
  • Joanna, from Amazon Polly
  • Liv, from Amazon Polly
  • Benjamin, from Microsoft (via Kukarella)
  • Michael B., from IBM (via Kukarella)


  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:51 The Pickle Jar story
  • 8:23 Post-story, Golf Ball giveaway
  • 9:09 Curiosuty Channel ad
  • 9:39 Knock Knock Ninja
  • 10:12 Howdy, Mimi!
  • 11:01 “Ancestors Heritage” read in Norwegian
  • 11:48 Mae West Quote
  • 12:10 Curiosity Channel ad
  • 12:46 Wrap up
  • 13:45 Disclaimer
  • 14:37 BNRTT​


  • It’s amazing what you can do with synthesized voices!
  • You are capable of accomplishing much more than you can imagine!
  • “The next 45 minutes could change your life.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “Life is full of choices. The choices you make have consequences. And some of those consequences have the potential to change the entire course of your life, for good or for bad.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “If you spend all your time and all your energy on the small things, there will be no room left for the really important things in your life.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “Put the big stuff first.” -Prof Lindstrom
  • “Give priority and attention to the things thst bring you true fulfillment and happiness.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “Follow your passions. Spend time with family. Nurture and grow your faith. Pay attention to your health.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “Get a good education. Work hard at your job. Pursue your hobbies.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “No matter how full your jar is, no matter how busy your life seems, you always have time to share a cup of coffee with a dear friend.” -Professor Lindstrom
  • “You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West


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  • O’Rear, Paul, ed. Mammy’s Poems: A Collection of Poems by Amy J. Hobbs. Firsted. Waxahachie, TX: Cumberland Chiles Press, 2019.

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